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The Service Sector in India takes a lion’s share of our GDP and is a huge contributing factor to India’s growth. It is one of the guiding forces that has made the World stand up and take notice of India’s global strides. The service Industry in India covers wide entities like travel, transport, IT, real estate, communication, personal services, community services, etc. All this makes for a pretty picture for foreign investors to venture into India and invest in money crunching prospects: it also gives out employment opportunities for the hordes of Indian Youth. But it isn’t so pretty after all, there are cracks underneath the surface and there are many of them.

India is still looked on as a country that can be counted in for back-end jobs that need no innovation and to put it fairly a country, which is adept at drudge work. These menial paying jobs entice the Indian youth with the carrot of working for a Multi-national company, which they willingly accept as it is the only option on the horizon, but the blame for this falls entirely on our education system. But the Indian service sector was and still is looked on as a safe space for Individuals to work on.

One major problem that plagued this industry and still does, is the quality. Service without quality is no service at all. How many times in a day do we face the same troubles regarding the services we are provided with and it has sunk in so deep in the Indian psyche that we are made to believe that this is the general run of things. Your Wi-Fi doesn’t work? Give it some time, it eventually will. You didn’t get your parcel? Give it some time, it will eventually come. Your cab isn’t there? Give it some time, it will eventually be there. This is what we face now but the earlier picture was still uglier. Backtrack to some years ago and our elders were facing the same clumsy monster. Getting a connection of a landline meant touring the local offices of the government officials for days and then after completing piles of documentation and the roadblocks of bribery, one was lucky enough to get a connection after some months.

Globalisation and the influx of foreign capital and companies have changed this callous and careless approach Indians have towards the service industry and as more people are getting aware about their rights, the service industry is waking up from this deep slumber. The Start-Ups that have mushroomed in India are generally breaking this attitude. The traditional Indian service giants of telecom, energy and other services never cared about the quality they were providing us with because we as consumers never had a unifying voice or a platform, where we could take up our queries and grievances. With the advent of social media, the consumers have found a wide-spread voice that makes these companies pay, this voice can malign their brand image, this voice will make them face the brunt of the masses and hence they are getting answerable.

Still, we are far away from a utopian world, where the services which we are promised are the services we eventually get.

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  1. Good initiative in india actually this concept work on Doctors profession on teachers profession on advocate profession over all in services peoples they accept this concept quikly !

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