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The fine-grained, dark red layer on a metallic surface, often occurring as a result of exposure of metal to moisture may be a very common development, especially in Indian households. But, are you aware of the potential health hazards this seemingly harmless rust brings with it? Yes, time and again rust has been responsible for causing serious, fatal conditions.

While many of us may have read scattered incidents of how contamination of water through corroded pipes lands up hundreds in hospitals, we fail to identify similar dangers lurking through the corners of our own homes!

Rust easily flakes off surfaces and is capable of becoming a part of everything we inhale and ingest! In households, it is known to cause something as mild as irritation in the eye to severe nausea, vomiting and digestion issues.

Continuous exposure to rust results in the early development of wrinkles, and exposure to rusty water considerably damages healthy skin cells. Iron content in water is known to be a cause of acne.

It leaves a residue on anything it touches, from cutlery to clothes and floor tiles. Rusty metal encourages the growth of the bacteria that cause tetanus. A rusty surface breaking the skin is enough to bring the bacteria in contact with the bloodstream, the outcome of which is fatal. Further, children, if exposed to the metallic smell and taste, stand the chance of getting addicted to it in the long run.

Protect your loved ones from such fatal health hazards. Switch from items made of corrosive metals to fiber-bodied articles. Make your home a truly safe space.

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